MaWhoo Reveals Tracklist For “The Sound Of Magic”

MaWhoo Reveals Tracklist For "The Sound Of Magic"

MaWhoo has been on the trend list since the start of the week following her interview with L-Tido. While she indeed made controversial statements, like the claim that Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross are sliding into her DM, she also had other meaningful conversation about her background, relationship with her father, how she started her career as a vocalists and details of her forthcoming studio project.


Of course, people love controversies, so they focused their attention on the controversial part of MaWhoo’s interview with L-Tido and ignored other parts of the show. Well, since the talk is all fading, we are here to remind you of her forthcoming EP, “The Sound Of Magic” and to unveil to you its tracklist.

“The Sound Of Magic” is expected to drop 5 April, 2024. It was initially slated for March 30 but was postponed by MaWhoo’s management. Featuring 5 powerful track, the EP will come as a follow-up to The Chosen that was released in August of 2024.

1. Intro – Emaweni
2. Ukwaniukela
3. Isiphiwo
i. Qinisela
5. Moya wasendiulo

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