Mr JazziQ, Robot Boii & Jay Music Pays Homage To Late Heroes With “Magents (Khululu)”

Mr JazziQ x Robot Boii x Jay Music - Magents (Khululu)

I personally do not think that the heroes we have lost in the music scene can ever the replaced. Reminding all of the impacts these beautiful souls had on the SA music scene, Mr JazziQ, Robot Boii and Jay Music have served us with this tribute song called “Magents (Khululu).”

Mpura & Killer Kau were not just musicians but shining lights in the Amapiano music scene. During their time with us, these talented artists used their music to connect with people on a different level.

Paying tributes to these figures once again, Mr JazziQ, Robot Boii & Jay Music have convene for this powerful single called “Magents (Khululu)” and this track encapsulates the spirit of oneness characterized the work of Killer Kau and Mpura when they were with us.

The industry’s outpouring of respect and love for Mpura & Killer Kau even years after their demise shows that they are really be missed. Although no more, but their influence will indubitably live on.

“I am really excited about this release, firstly because | worked with two of my favorite artists in Amapiano… The name of the song is titled ‘Magents (Khululu),” and it’s a song that is dedicated to our late friends who we lost in a car accident almost 4 years ago, which was very sad” – Mr JazziQ

Listen below.

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