MDU aka TRP’s “Makhi” is Finally Out

MDU aka TRP Makhi is Finally Out

MDU aka TRP has delivered his long awaited single “Makhi,” featuring Springle and Tracy. This track has been a staple of his recent set and now we know why.

Getting stuck to a particular style does make one lose relevance. Doesn’t matter how talented you are, listeners easily get tired of listening to a particular style of music and they constantly crave diversity. These needs of listener is what has made Mdu Aka Trp make a significant shift and modifications in his soundscape and we feel that in his newest offering. And the result of this swift modification? A banging piano offering that listeners headband to nonstop.

“Makhi” just might be one of the best soulful piano record of the year, thanks to the melodic inputs of Springle and Tracy. Mdu aka trp is working on his next studio project and this track just gives us a taste of what to expect.


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